Sewper Cover Announces 2016 WEFTEC Appearance


(Houston, TX)—Sewper Cover, a nationwide provider of non-metallic Composite Manhole Cover products, has announced their participation in the 2016 WEFTEC Conference. The conference will be held at New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, from September 24 through the 28,and Sewper Cover will occupy Booth 1138 at the conference’s Exhibitor Center.

“We are beyond excited to be presenting as an exhibitor at this year’s WEFTEC conference,” said Eric Dupre of Sewper Cover. “Water quality is a huge issue all around the country, and our company has played a role in leading the way toward using better, more durable products like our FRP Manhole Cover to protect municipal sewer systems in a way that is environmentally-friendly and completely sustainable. We could not be more proud of what our team has been able to accomplish in the industry and we are grateful for the opportunity to show conference attendees what we have to offer that can have great impact in their cities.”

The Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) is the largest conference of its kind in North America. The conference offers water quality professionals the opportunity to gain education and training on water quality issues and ideas for improvement. WFTEC’s annual water quality exhibition is recognized as the largest in the world and is well attended by leaders from the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and water quality markets who are actively looking for equipment and services to help solve related problems in their jurisdiction.

As Dupre continued, “From our FRP-based covers to our Composite Manhole Rings, Sewper Cover offers only the best in manhole protection products. Our products give municipalities the legitimate opportunity to ensure the protection of their infrastructure while saving money in the long run. We can’t wait to show leaders across the country what we have to offer and how we can help them improve the sustainability of their sewer systems.”

About Sewper Cover:

Sewper Cover is a premier provider of manhole covers. Their non-metallic composite covers and rings eliminate the problem of corrosion, saving municipalities across the country millions of dollars and ensuring that sewer systems last longer and stay stronger. The composite covers offered by Sewper wear longer, look better and can even be customized with logos and colors. Ultimately, it is the company’s goal to provide the perfect solution for municipalities everywhere.


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How to Hire an Asphalt Driveway Paving Contractor

Asphalt paved drives are very popular and the most economical to install over many additional driveway choices. Selecting the appropriate asphalt paving services may sometimes be difficult. If the paving expert puts the asphalt driveway right the drive should last for as long as 25-30 years with only modest care.

Unlike concrete, an asphalt paved driveway is equally powerful and versatile and is ideal for colder zones where constant freezing and thawing occur. Asphalt paving, also referred to as Hot Mix Asphalt paving, includes an aggregate of rock and mud combined with liquid asphalt concrete. The aggregate is carefully mixed and heated before being blended with liquid asphalt. The mix needs to be sent to the job site hot otherwise your newly paved drive isn’t going to cure correctly.

To guarantee a quality paved driveway it’s crucial that the paving contractor first properly prepares the driveway for the New Mix Asphalt. Groundwork comprises of eliminating top-soil or clay type soil and replacing it with a sub-base level of crushed rock and gravel.

An average asphalt paving job includes two levels of Hot Mix Concrete over the sub base level. Sometimes a paving company might propose a full-degree asphalt application. This type of application is greatest if really heavy vehicles will be regularly left on the drive. With a full asphalt application the whole driveway, for example, gravel sub base layer, is built using fluid asphalt concrete. By moreover binding the sub-base gravel layer with the fluid asphalt cement a much more powerful paved drive is developed.

When employing any contractor you should anticipate getting 3-4 quotes to receive the best comparison of workmanship and price. Discuss with friends and also family members, together with research the yellow pages or the internet to locate neighborhood paving contractors in your town.

With any expert you hire, ensure they have been insured and bonded to protect you from any liability as well as to shield you from any sub-par performance on the contractor’s benefit. Lead times for paving a driveway can be up to many weeks, so plan appropriately when talking with your future paving companies.

So that you can obtain exact quotes from your asphalt driveway paving contractors it’s a good idea to have a drawing of the home and the desirable drive presence. You should also walk the site with the contractor and also have him or you color traces where the paved drive is to lay.

When talking-to the potential paving companies make sure the subject of installing proper slopes and drainage is discussed. Otherwise you may find yourself with water pooling on the completed drive, and on occasion even worse, wearing into your storage or home.

In addition it’s critical that during the installation of the different layers to the drive that they’re each compacted proceeding to the installation of the next coating of material. Cited depths must be after compaction, not before.

Also, whether there are any municipal conduits that have to be raised to the completed height of the drive, find if the paving contractors’ estimates contain performing this job. Furthermore, confirm that the contractor will eliminate and reinstall any type of gate or entrance to the fresh finished amount of the paved driveway.

With these few basic tips you will be able to employ the proper paving contractor for your driveway.


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Stamped Necklaces: A Special Gift for Special People

It comes a time when you want to touch the heart of your loved one in a unique way. Your intention is to show them that they are such a treasure to your life using a message and gift that says it all. In case you have been shopping around such gift, relax, you have to employ some creativity and you will be good to be unique in all ways. Stamped necklaces will serve the purpose right. For instance, if you are very far from your darling, get it right by having a stamped necklace that says,” babe, wherever I am, I love you very much” and he or she will always be reading wherever he or she will be. So instead of just buying him or her ordinary necklaces which pose common message, customize the whole idea, the way you want for the person you want. They depicts how much value you attach to the role they play in your life, because the treasured jewelry will just be made for them.

This can be a very special gift for the wedding where the necklace can be customized with the name of the couple plus the date of their one-time ceremony. Do it simple, pick the material you want or as per your affordability and you will give your loved one the gift which they will cherish forever. In case you want a unique present to your mom’s or dad’s anniversary, just have your brief details right, and through an intricate process, the jewelry will process your personalized request.

Regardless of the length which you want your chain to be both long and short, it will be made for your, we know the preference of your loved one. Their maintenance is also very simple because they can be washed with just warm soapy water and they will be immaculate. You will not keep waiting any longer if you just visit the website of the reputable jeweler, the compelling customer reviews will trigger you desire just to have the stamped necklace in your hands.

Play it smart , search thoroughly and get various offers, such as prices, are they lead free or not, time taken from the time you order and the time it is delivered as well as other packages which the jeweler could be offering to his or her customers. Experience of the jeweler is also very paramount as it shows he or she understand diverse market ad customer needs.


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How You Can Be Sure That You Found The Right Cosmetic Dentist?

Do not wait for dental emergency to take place before you start looking for a dentist. It is better that you know one, preferably for the whole family before such circumstance to happen. With this, it is easier to have regular checkups and have someone who knows your dental history if emergency arise. When choosing a new dentist, here are some of the things that you should take into account.

Location – if the location of the clinic is quite far from your home or from your place of work, then you will be less likely to pay a visit for routine checkups. Rather, consider looking for someone who is close to your office or home. It will be simpler to stop by for a check up and get on the clinic on time without skipping at work through this. Moreover, it is essential that you know the dentist’s work schedule. For instance, if Sunday is the only free day you have and they can’t accommodate you that day, it is better for you to consider other possible options.

Cost – knowing the cost estimates ahead of time is crucial, so you won’t be hit with huge bill later on. First things first, try finding out whether the clinic is accepting your insurance plan or not. Say that your plan covers referrals made to a specialist, then try finding out if the dental practitioner gives you referrals. Also, you have to ask for the general costs of typical dental services similar to crowns, filings and the likes. You must pay for the rest on your own if you’re stuck without insurance or if it does not cover the cost of the procedure.

Emergency care services – these are very important as you don’t want running to regular emergency room in middle of night if there’s a problem with your teeth. Be sure that he/she can be accessed without difficulty at any time of the day or night and can provide the necessary treatments.

Qualifications – just before you start with the treatment, check first if the dentist has the qualifications to practice his or her profession and if he/she has a valid license. Normally, you may check this online or at a local dentist society. Their clinic should also give you some info about their qualification and training.

Personal comfort – even if the dentist can tick all boxes, personal comfort is still the most important. You must tell your dentist all symptoms and be able to comfortably answer every question. If you ever feel scared or even uncomfortable around the dentist or around their office, then don’t expect to get the best treatment.


Primo Print Launches a Full Service EDDM Targeted Marketing Solution


Primo Print launches Full Service EDDM Targeted Marketing Solution.


With new on-site mapping tools, businesses can target specific neighborhoods, mail routes, and zip codes, announces


(403 Gilead Rd, Suite A) Primo Print is proud to announce the launch of a full service Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) targeted marketing solution.  With this new service, businesses target specific demographics, neighborhoods, mail routes and zip codes with saturation mailing to reach geographically selected leads.   Printing, processing and delivery to the post office starts as low as 25 cents per piece including postage.

“With the oversized postcard format, local businesses find Every Door Direct Mail to be an easy, cost-effective addition to their overall marketing plan.  Traditional direct mail can be cumbersome and requires expensive, often outdated mail list which result is lower response rates that EDDM.  In April of 2015 The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reported that oversized mailers such as EDDM postcards achieved the highest response rates of all direct mail at 4.25%,” Marc Levack, spokesperson for Primo Print explains.

“EDDM has grown in popularity since it’s introduction in 2011 but we have found that many business owners became dismayed with the paperwork, processing and time it would take to get their postcards to the post office,” Levack continues.  “We wanted to create a simple, cost-effective solution for the business owners that would simplify the process so that they could get back to doing what they do best, running their business.”  

The new full-service EDDM solution from Primo Print allows the business owner to pick an in-mailbox date before selecting mail routes from a convenient on-site mapping tool with active demographic tools and pricing updates where the cost of the product and postage is displayed based on every route selection.  After completing product and route selections Primo Print takes care of the printing, processing, paperwork, postage and delivery to the post office.  

“Multi-channel marketing needs to continue, with every door direct mail being a crucial component of the marketing strategy. When multiple channels are used, businesses find they reach more of the target audience. There’s an old saying that for every ten no responses, a business will receive a yes. Make sure the person likely to say yes isn’t overlooked, by using a multi-prong approach that includes direct mail,” Levack continues. 

Not only Canada Post reports that the human brain is wired for non-digital communications, with direct mail ads requiring 21 percent less cognitive effort on the part of the recipient to process the information. Humans find it easier to understand direct mail, and this type of mailing tends to be more persuasive, especially when it appeals to multiple senses.

“Keep the above information in mind when creating a marketing strategy and developing direct mailing products. The goal is to obtain the highest return on investment for the company’s marketing efforts, and every door direct mail is of great help in achieving this goal. Contact us today to discuss your plans, and we’ll work to ensure you accomplish what you are setting out to do,” Levack states.

About Primo Print:

A highly recognized, reliable print source, Primo Print maintains nine production facilities across the United States to better serve clients.  Known for its knowledgeable, friendly, US-based customer support, quality products and everyday low prices, Primo Print strives to be the one-stop solution for clients’ printing needs.


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Buying the Best Furniture for Your Home

There are tons of things that must be considered in picking out the best bedroom furniture on your sleeping area. For the reason that bedroom is considered the most private, and probably quite possibly the most loved room in your home, it is necessary to choose the perfect items of furnishings for this. It is critical to get the supplies that might make the room comfortable and perfect for sleeping.

Probably the most important thing that should be considered in purchasing bedroom furniture will be the comfort it will offer to the room. You may find the best and most magnificent queen sized metallic beads in the shop, but what you would like is the bed which has been king-sized. Of course it might be foolish to go with the looks of the furnishings. Before the looks, what you should initially consider is the advantage and comfort that the fabric of the bed you happen to be buying will provide.

Aside from the comfort and ease of the home furnishings you will buy, another factor that should be considered is the scale of the bedroom you’re furnishing. You can’t get a king sized steel beds together with a big dresser and one significant cabinet to be set in a single bedroom. You must estimate the dimensions of the bedroom that you will be going to furnish before you begin looking for furniture to be able to be certain that the scale of the bed that you’re going to buy will slot in the room.
What Research About Furniture Can Teach You

Additionally, there are some bedrooms that are capable of having several functions than just a space to sleep in. There are a few bedrooms which require a PC table and a television set stand. So make sure that you take into account the use of the bedroom before you decide what to shop for the bedroom furniture that should be placed in it.
Why No One Talks About Stores Anymore

The vast majority of all, the budget is clearly one of the points that should be considered when purchasing metal beds. There’s a lot of furniture that may be purchased cheaply, but would want a replacement after a brief time. Although you’re in a tight spending budget, make certain that you’ll be getting a top quality and reliable bedroom furnishings.

The simplest way to do this is to do some item research on the home furnishings of your choosing, like reading customer suggestions or reviews. Getting the finest furnishings for the considered one of the most crucial aspect of your room is rather essential for your private home for your convenience and convenience relies onto it. Ensure that the bed you might be getting has durable and comfortable materials, but still continues to be stylish and presentable for your personal bedroom area.

What I Can Teach You About Telephones

The Importance Of Having A Telephone Answering Service For Businesses Investing in a telephone answering service provide so many benefits. So many people across the globe aren’t so manageable on these services. As a matter of fact, there are several individuals who want to know the differences between a voice mail message and answering machine. As we read this article, we will be talking about on the benefits that are not known widely to employers. These answering services come with pure personal touch. We can’t deny the fact that in this modern day, we live in an age of impersonal commercialism, which is why it is best to consider getting a telephone answering service. There are so many companies that forget one issue that if they keep their customers happy, they will keep them in business. The thing is, customers are always being ignored, mistreated and sacrificed for dollar. In an effort to deliver customers with excellent customer service, a business should make them feel important and appreciated. To be able to achieve such goal, the company should be willing to answer inquiries that their customers make and the capacity to answer them too. As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of things that may get in way of responding to consumers effectively in timely fashion. And some examples of these are lack of phone lines and customer service representative. All businesses will benefit greatly from keeping in mind that when customers have concerns or questions, they want to voice them to real person and not to an answering machine service. There are many businesses learned the hard way to which consumers do not enjoy to be directed to a voice activated answering system when contacting to make inquiries. When customers are directed to such systems on the other hand, that tend to make the customers unappreciated and unhappy. Not only that, they oftentimes become frustrated when using an automated system. One excellent way to keep customers happy is to provide them with dependable and reliable answering service.
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By hiring professional and experienced telephone answering service, a business can reduce the confusion and disorganization that typically occurs between consumers and customer service systems. The truth is, this is making customers to feel more satisfied and at the same time, make them keep on coming back to have business transactions. Higher rate of loyal customers that the business has, the higher the sales revenue levels it will create.
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Reliable and experienced telephone answer service lets businesses to be certain that all customer inquiries will be responded the moment a call is received. This kind of business is providing round the clock service while making sure that no inquiries are left unattended.

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Types of Effective Digital Marketing Tools for Businesses

The marketing environment has changed, and the traditional methods of reaching out to the target market using brochures and door to door selling are no longer that useful. The goodness is that these methods were clear-cut and straightforward and they rarely changed, so all companies had to do, was invest in them and wait for results. An incredible fact to highlight is that digital marketing is the next innovation in the marketing space since having an online presence is no longer a luxury of just a few businesses, but it is a must for every business. An incredible fact to state is that digital marketing is a multifaceted marketing method that encompasses many digital tools and the use of the various tools depends on the type of business and the target audience.

An undeniable true fact is that among the many digital marketing channels, there are some popular ones such as email marketing whereby companies perform lead generation to get the contact information of clients and then request for permission to send them updates and other information via email. Email marketing is one of the most used digital marketing tools and has been proven to have a return on investment of up to forty-three percent. An amazing fact to note is that businesses that have an in-house digital marketing department mostly use this method and the facts show that these companies reported an increase of rating by 66%.

It is an undisputed fact that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is used to deliver highly targeted traffic of potential customers within a short period. The only demerit of this method is that it is capital intensive and the more a business invests in it the better the results. The costs are high because there are separate charges for bidding and placing adverts and in the customer acquisition. It is incredible to highlight the fact that this method depends on the use of keywords to target potential customers and optimizing the visual and contextual information in the advertisements.
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Search engine optimization is also another online tool that involves several activities such as making use of on-page and off page optimization, keyword search, organic link building and link-able assets creation. An amazing fact worth noting is that the use of these methods ensures that potential customers find the business once they do an online search for the particular business or service.
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It is vital to highlight the fact that display advertising involves the placement of third party advertisements on forums, blogs and other websites that have many views. The presentations can take various forms such as boxes, banners, interactive ads, interstitial ads, video ads, overlays and other similar ads linked to a landing page or website. The advantage of this method is that they create greater brand awareness and generate highly targeted traffic that increases the customer conversion rate, which leads to more sales or leads.

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A Guide to Choosing Stock Music in Video Production

During the final stages of your video production, you will have to select the best stock music that will complete it. An online search is probably the first thing you are going to do, but you will agree that the multiple tunes that you come across will make the task tougher than you fathomed. It, therefore, makes sense coming up with a set of guidelines that will help you during the selection.

Check the appropriateness of the style and mood of the tune you intend to select. You will come across emotional, sad, heroic, happy, and all sorts of moods. As a result, ensure that the mood of your video is in harmony with that of the tune you intend to use. The best the thing is that there exist sets of keywords that you can type in during your search for the right stock music.

Just because you like a particular tune does not mean that you should use it for your upcoming video. Remember that there is always a mood created in your audience by the stock music you choose to use. While certain site visitors may enjoy the tunes, the music may not appeal to a majority of the potential buyers you are targeting.
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Also, give consideration to the type of audience you are targeting. The reason is that every social class, age, and culture has a music type that appeals to its members. If your products are targeting teens, for example, find out about the latest type of music that such a generation listens to most.
The 5 Rules of Music And How Learn More

Your music should not be too loud if it is meant to be used in the background. Remember that your video may feature a person speaking about a certain subject, making it necessary to avoid obscuring his or her voice as that may distort the intended meaning of the message you want to pass across.

Check out pages that review music production websites. From the information you get from them, you can pick the best sites to source your music from by giving consideration to factors like music genre, ability to download, the presence of free tunes, and the frequency of site updates.

Real instruments are always preferable when it comes to stock music. Therefore, the corny-sounding music that is produced by digitized effects and instruments should be avoided. Only use tracks that feature organic instrumentation because some of your listeners have very sharp ears that can tell the difference between organic and digital instruments.

Go for copyright free music so that you can end your financial obligations to the sender once you pay for it. This music type allows you to use the tunes in whatever way that you wish, which includes future videos that you may create for your promotional purposes.

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Why Businesses Need Steel Casting Manufacturers A business that would have to use steel for their products will have to make sure that they are able to find the right steel manufacturer that can give them the best kind of steel that they can have. Since the development of steel it has been used in many different kinds of things and production and this is why there are so many businesses today that would require steel and use it for the benefit of their company. Steel casting is one of the many processes that is involved in steel making and this is how businesses and manufacturers of steel products are able to get the raw material for their products. Steel casting is done in a steel manufacturer which is then bought by companies and businesses who would use it for their products and this is where the trail of steel begins. Which Company Should I Buy Steel From Many businesses often have to choose a company that can give them the highest quality of steel in a very affordable and economic price and there are so many steel companies to choose from. There are several factors that you need to consider if you are planning to buy steel from a steel manufacturer and this can decide on the kind of steel that you are able to buy and if you are going to profit from it. A company that is able to perform the best method of steel casting would be your primary target in buying steel and this is because steel casting can be a deciding factor of the quality of steel that they would have. Comparing prices of several steel companies that are able to cast steel and sell it to their buyers would be the best thing that you will need to do next and this is why you should have to know more about the company and the price they would be giving to their buyers. You can know more about the necessary things and information that you need to gather when it comes to choosing a company that is able to manufacture steel for your business through searching the internet for more details about how you can find the best steel company who casts high quality stainless steel for your company. When you are looking them up online, you can be sure that you are able to choose the right kind of company to cast a steel for you and this is because there are so many websites and blogs that talks about them and people are discussing them on the kind of steel that they are able to obtain from these companies.

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